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Business-, Cooperations- und further Education Activities

Design and dimensioning of reinforced-concrete and prestressed-concrete structures, bearing- and deformation characteristics of reinforced concrete components, relocation the cutting force in the surface of structural systems, rotation ability of reinforced concrete's Cross-Section, constitutive equation for reinforced concrete (static, dynamic), schock wave propagation in concrete  (constitutively equationally fundamentals and experiences), increase the fastening of concrete under multiaxial compression,
earthquake load of building structure, safety building against the earthquake, inspection about vulner ability, catasthrophe impact, oscillation analyses of building materials (e.g. Bell Tower), bearing capacity of enclosure of reinforced concrete in the nuclear-power station, reinforcement of reinforced concrete components ( also for impulsively effects ), external prestressing, segment bridges, numeric simulation for filling and discharging the Silos, Silos pressure, powder explosion, discharging equipments,
demolition techniques, blasting demolition, environmentally deconstruction.
Measuring methods in construction engineering.
Catasthrophe management: Center for Disaster Management and Risk Reduction Technology (CEDIM)

Reinforced-concrete and prestressed-concrete construction, solid-bridge construction, dynamic of construction, CAD of  reinforced concrete structures, surface structure of reinforced concrete structures, system building construction, measuring systems, production of container and its cover from concretes.

Seminars / Activities or Events
Seminars, lectures about business activities.

Officially Testing of Materials
Concrete-, reinforced concrete- and prestressed concrete  components, gas- and leight-weight concrete,  prestressed steel, prestressed technicques, prestressed-grouted anchor, dowels , quality control, approval of new methods of building construction and type of construction, bearing of building construction, protection and repair of building materials.

Consultation and Survey
within the sector of reinforced- and prestressed concrete, dynamic of construction, bearing of construction engineering, reconstruction, structural damage.
cooperation in expert- and standard committees.

Cooperation with Industries
Realisation of research- and development works, technology transfer.

Control of Research-, Development- , and officially Materials


Span 14 x 24 m with necessary Equipments for Testing the Building-Materials with static and dynamic Loading, 13 Testing Machines, max.
Tensile Force 6 MN, Compressive Force 15 MN,

Pendulum impact testing machine, schock tube, unbalanced exciter,

Heating cabinet, deep-freeze cabinet, standard-clima room,  concreting equipments, free trial area,

Measuring System for accurately expansion-, stress-, and temperature measuring, process computer for data logging and experiment control,
equipment for measuring the dynamic Processes, transient recorder et al., equipment for capturing the high-frequency processes,

Computer server, workstations, connection to high-power processor  in Computer-Center of the Karlsruhe Institut of Technology (KIT), non-linear FE-program system.